Talent makes it happen

Work hard, but play harder (and make a difference doing both). 

Rule #1 - work with people who scare you.

Not 'scary-scary' as in stalkers of course. Rather people who are so cool, so incredibly smart, and so awesome at their job that they have opportunities galore. They do what they do because they want to make cool stuff that makes our clients shine (and by connection our be brutally honest).

These are the scary-awesome people we need right now. If you don't fit one of these positions, don't sweat it. Send along your information so we'll have it for future and freelance gigs.

Front End Development

Need coding talent who can bring to life responsive websites, mobile apps, and campaigns. Will develop super-functional and engaging experiences utilizing deep understanding of device and browser compatibility to support all kinds of digital projects .


  • Work closely with UX designer to bring to life amazing experiences.

  • Write clean, compliant code that provides a great experience across browsers and devices.

  • Code interactive prototypes to test ideas and assumptions.

  • Hot with HTML5/CSS3.

UX Design

Looking for an amazing designer who can bring the awesomeness, be it through apps/sites/campaigns. Someone who's a maestro of user-centered design methods with an understanding of how technology can impact the business.


  • Design product flows and experiences that are simple and elegant using sketches as well as pixel mocks and HTML.

  • Give and solicit feedback from other designers and developers.

  • Partner with developers and leadership to oversee the user experience of a feature from conception until launch (and then some).

  • Problem solve with an iterative approach.

  • Bonus points - Hot with HTML5/CSS3.

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